Greetings, weary readers of the hundreds and thousands of travel blogs amassed.

I’m sorry to say that this too shall be another one but think of it more as “fieldnotes for destinations discovered™”(HAH!) or at least that’s what I’m planning, among other things.

Now in the first place, “why start another travel blog despite the oversaturation and the highly unlikely ROI”, you ask? Because I need some place public to dump the itineraries I’ve made on Google Sheets. Because I’d like to show off the pictures + videos taken (and justify the unholy amount I’ve invested in my camera), even if they’re not good. Because my brother made several remarks regarding my poor memory and inability to make note of interesting locations visited.

So what should you expect, dear reader?

  • Detailed itineraries + tips
  • Quick history + cultural facts
  • Personal anecdotes on my hilarious failings

Stick around and see you soon!

Curious to see more?

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