Curious Cultures is a travelogue documenting interesting places and people encountered as we travel the world.

It all began as a suggestion. “Why not blog about your travels so you don’t ever forget?” my brother said, as we were standing in the Kyoto evening rain for an hour looking for that legendary creamy sukiyaki I had back in 2015.

So here it is, another travel blog hellbent on giving travel ideas, detailed itineraries, a dose of history and a “10 countries to visit in your.. tens?” Like everyone else, I do hope you find value & joy in my writing, or at the very least a chuckle over the numerous failings as I continue to locate that delicious dish, and more.

Let me introduce myself

I’m Kimchi and I want to see more of the world! I was your average kid who was lucky enough to be brought along on a few trips here and there, which left me hungry to see more. When I’m not travelling, you can find me at home working away on my laptop as a designer to fund future trips, or playing with my dogs and daydreaming about new places to visit.

By the way, you may notice that I’m not in most pictures posted. That’s due to my being the designated photographer and not particularly confident to be in front of the camera most of the time.

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you enjoy!